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Network and Computer Services

 December 10, 2019  

Your Own IT Department

End to End network management with unlimited helpdesk support starting at:

Just $299 a month

Learn about Fixed Cost IT

 Are you ready for a new VOIP phone system? We can replace your old analogue phone system with a new digital VOIP sytem.






 Fixed Cost Support   

Fixed Rate Computer Repair Menu

Some shops will have a set rate for certain tasks and some will charge an hourly rate. The set price may sometimes seem steep compared to the hourly rate of a computer job, but if a complication arises, the set rate may actually wind up being cheaper than the hourly rate. This is especially true for repairing Windows installations that have a lot spyware and viruses.

When we repair a computer using the fixed rate schedule, this is all you pay, PERIOD!

Pick up and Delivery
Includes both trips within Omaha Metro

Onsite Labor Per Hour

Test all of your hardware and software to get to the root of your computer problems.
Tune Up
Diagnose and repair operating system issues. Install service packs and patches. Defragment
hard drive.
Tune Up + Security
Includes Virus & Spyware Removal.
Diagnose and repair operating system issues. Install service packs and patches. Defragment
Hard Drive.
Data Backup/Transfer
A one-time backup of your data to an external hard drive, network attached storage, CD, DVD or another computer (destination device / drive not included)
Install Software Title
Installation of one software title, add start and desktop icon. (software not included)
Install Operating System
Installation of operating system and all drivers.
(software not included)
Memory Install
(memory not included)
Hardware Install
Installation of one internal or external hardware component such as: video card, printer, ipod, sound card, camera or scanner
Hard Drive Install
Includes installation of hard drive, installation of operating system & drivers. Backup and transfer of data. (hard drive not included)
Wireless Networking
Setup & secure wireless router and configure one computer. (router not included)


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