Sharepoint Services

Business Solutions:

Our clients are investing in SharePoint solutions to address requirements for  collaboration, portals, dashboards, intranets and web content management. SharePoint is an enterprise solution for knowledge and document sharing, and records management. We have been fortunate to work with clients who are thought of as leaders in this area and have successfully defined, designed and implemented programs that use SharePoint solutions for their users.

SharePoint can organize documents and maintain a content-rich and organized intranet. Frequently, these intranets have an information life cycle which enforces corporate policy and supports the corporate records management. This strategic investment can provide legal protection, satisfy regulatory obligations, and improve teamwork and organizational efficiency. Contact us today at (402) 779-7801 or by filling out the form on our Contact page to find out how we can help your business expand!

Key Areas of Focus:

  • Planning
  • SharePoint ECM & RM business case
  • SharePoint content governance & site provisioning
  • SharePoint roadmap & reference architecture
  • Enterprise information life cycles
  • Enterprise taxonomy & search
  • Records program & retention schedule review
  • Corporate intranet & SharePoint templates
  • Administration operating standards
  • Share drive analysis & migration
  • Email management
  • Design & implementation

How You Can Benefit:

  • Plan and implement SharePoint using a proven framework
  • Use established standards for SharePoint deployments
  • Incorporate information management policies into the SharePoint deployment
  • Ensure quick adoption while enforcing standards and governance
  • Improve document and information integrity and compliance
  • Minimum of user involvement

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