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Network and Computer Services

 January 27, 2020  

Your Own IT Department

End to End network management with unlimited helpdesk support starting at:

Just $299 a month

Learn about Fixed Cost IT

 Are you ready for a new VOIP phone system? We can replace your old analogue phone system with a new digital VOIP sytem.







Managed IT Services

Changing IT Providers or hiring your first IT Consultant can feel like a daunting task. Are they reliable? How much will it cost? Can they solve our computer issues promptly? We’ll you’re in luck, we can do all that and quite a bit more for a predictable monthly cost. Call us now for a free no obligation onsite network assessment.

Network and Server Management:

Expert IT management for your business and unmatched support for your users. Fixed cost computer and network support for your business has never been more affordable. Managing IT has it’s own set of challenges: dealing with changes in technology, changes in software, data management, not having full-time IT staff and monitoring the health of your investment. We have extensive background in helping businesses identify, size and maintain IT solutions. Learn More......

Technical Support:

Instant support online or over the phone. Click here to connected with a technical support representative. On The Edge offers secure remote support and telephone support to customers with a valid managed it servces agreement.  We also offers as needed support and a full range of IT consulting services to meet your needs. Learn More.....


Backup and Disaster Recovery:
You aren't still using tapes are you? Get the latest in backup technology in the cloud and onsite for the ultimate in backup and recovery. Data backup means different things to different businesses but one thing is consistent no matter how large or small the business: you need an ironclad data backup plan. Learn More.....


Custom Software Development:

You already know how important your Web site is to your business. We specialize in writing the code that makes Web sites work behind the scenes, and we can do it on virtually any platform with any technology. If you've heard the alphabet soup of new technologies that are out there, we can not only help you put them to work for your business, but more importantly help you to architect your solution using the technologies that make sense for your projects right from the start. Learn More.....



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