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Network and Computer Services

 December 10, 2019  

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 Sharepoint Services   

Our clients are investing in SharePoint solutions to address their requirements for collaboration, dashboards, portals, intranets, document sharing, web content management, and knowledge sharing.  They are increasingly interested in leveraging SharePoint as an enterprise solution for document and records management.  This is a strategic investment that can provide legal protections, demonstrate compliance with regulatory obligations and increase organizational efficiency by promoting the disposition of out of date documents that are not corporate records.  SharePoint can organize the terabytes of documents knowledge workers store on share drives and establish a content-rich and organizationally sustainable intranet.  Frequently, these intranets are enabled with autoclassification tools and an information lifecycle which enforces corporate policy and supports the corporate records management and eDiscovery systems. We have been fortunate to work with clients who are thought of as leaders in this area and have successfully defined, designed and implemented programs that use SharePoint solutions for their users. 

An Enterprise SharePoint Program is as much about policy, human behavior, organizational dynamics, change management, and clearly defined goals and objectives as it is about technology.  A successful enterprise SharePoint Program is one that has strategic goals, objectives and benefits but is achieved through incremental, measurable successes. 

On The Edge has captured best practices from our SharePoint implementations and developed the On The Edge SharePoint Enterprise Framework.  This framework provides the “how” in a strategy to facilitate organic adoption by understanding how people, processes and technology need to work together to ensure adherence to corporate information management policies.

Key Areas of Focus

  • Planning
    • SharePoint ECM & RM business case
    • SharePoint content governance & site provisioning
    • SharePoint roadmap & reference architecture
    • Enterprise information lifecycles
    • Enterprise taxonomy & search for SharePoint
    • Records program & retention schedule review
    • Corporate intranet & SharePoint templates
    • SharePoint operating & admin standards
    • Share drive analysis & migration
    • Email management requirements
  • Design & implementation
    • Design solutions & frameworks
    • Deliver custom SharePoint implementations and integrations
    • Implement connectors and frameworks
  • Auto-provisioning for RM-enabled sites
  • Master site for SharePoint governance & records management
    • Defines RM for all sites via content types
    • Define information lifecycle
  • SharePoint RM Connectors
    • EMC|Documentum
    • OpenText
  • Share drive migration to auto-provisioned and governed SharePoint sites
  • Migration to enterprise SharePoint RM

Key Objectives

  • Support Records Management Program(s)
  • Supports Legal and eDiscovery Program(s)
  • Compliance and Security Governance
  • Physical RM
  • Search
  • File Share Migration

How You Can Benefit

  • Plan and implement SharePoint using a proven framework
  • Use established standards for SharePoint deployments
  • Incorporate information management policies into the SharePoint deployment
  • Ensure quick adoption while enforcing standards and governance
  • Improve document and information integrity and compliance
  • Minimum of user involvement


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