On The Edge Technology Support
Service Desk Support Instructions
  1. Send a help request email with details of the problem

  3. An email will be sent back to you with login information

  5. Use the login information to log in to the support portal

  7. After logging in, you can change your password if you like

  9. You will receive emails with the current status of the issue

  11. You will be notified when the problem is resolved

  13. After the problem is resolved, the ticket will be closed

  15. Upon completion, a survey with 3 questions will be sent

Service Desk Support Details

Here are the details of the On The Edge IT Support Help Desk. This portal will manage the entire chain of work and will notify users of each step taken by a technician. The process starts with any user sending a help request email to a specified email address. This initiates the start of the login creation process. An email will be automatically sent back to the email address with the new login credentials and a ticket will be opened. Any kind of requests can be sent to the portal. Anything from website adjustments to computer or email issues. We will then work with that user to completion and you can even get a monthly report of any issues that were raised.

This is part of a quality initiative that I started to try and better serve our clients and get feedback on how we are doing. A survey will be sent at the proposed completion of the issue. I am including the process to begin using the portal below. This new system also has the ability to track and monitor the servers or workstation (If you want) and alert of any issues. I have been working on this for some time and am very pleased that it is complete. Please let me know if you have any issues at all.

Email MAPI Connector
Contact Us

Contact us today at (402) 779-7801 or by filling out the form on our Contact Page. To submit a ticket for a work order please email us at                              support@ontheedgetech.com

Remote Support Services

Instead of calling a technician out and waiting for them to show up to get your computer or network up and running, you can use our remote IT services to have the problem fixed in a fraction of the time. We can plug-in to your network and machines from afar, making it easy to fix your issue with ease and speed.

Extensive Services - We can help you with every service, from remote viral protection to server and desktop support.

Affordable - Remote IT solutions will customize our services to fit your needs.

Call today for more information - (402) 779-7801

2 Simple Steps for Remote Support

  1. Call 402-779-7801 Opt. 3
  2. Click Support Link Below!

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